Neighbor of My Youth

As previously mentioned, I grew up in a rural neighborhood. This could be a challenge when selling Girl Scout cookies, which we did door-to-door back then. In March. In Upstate NY, where it snows a lot. My cousin and I, the same age, next-door-neighbors, would sell together. She'd sell one house, I'd take the next. … Continue reading Neighbor of My Youth

Motherhood Memory: Child Imagery

When my children were young, we periodically took overnight family vacations. One of the first ones was to Niagara Falls. Y-Chromo was about five. This may have been the first time we were away from home for something that wasn't family-related. Yes, we'd stayed in hotels for Thanksgiving visits, but there was always the distraction … Continue reading Motherhood Memory: Child Imagery

Moment for Valentine’s Day

Dating has changed drastically in my lifetime. Nowadays there are dating apps. I know several couples who met that way. Before apps, there was video dating. You went to the company's office, made a short video about yourself, then hoped someone would read your profile, watch your video, and want to contact you. Before that … Continue reading Moment for Valentine’s Day

Book Review-Karen Robards: The Midnight Hour

The Midnight Hour  is one of my favorite Robards books. It takes place in autumn, which always makes for a great, spooky setting. Single mother Grace Hart  is having a difficult time with her teenage daughter, who has been newly diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Although Grace is a respected judge in her community, her life … Continue reading Book Review-Karen Robards: The Midnight Hour

MJ Monday-Movies: People Will Talk

Someone on Facebook recently mentioned People Will Talk was airing on TV. I mentioned it to my husband, who recorded it. Neither one of us was familiar with the film. A few weeks later, we sat down to watch and were more than pleasantly surprised. It stars Cary Grant, Jeanne Crain, with Hume Cronyn and … Continue reading MJ Monday-Movies: People Will Talk