Tale of a Movie Critic

For many years, the city in which I live hosted a film festival. Actually, it hosts several,  but the most established one was created and run by a friend of my husband. Several larger cities tried to "buy" it from the founder, but he wouldn't give it up. The festival featured old movies. It drew … Continue reading Tale of a Movie Critic

Musing: Getting Political

I had originally planned a movie review for this week's blog. I had written about God Bless America, which is a dark comedy. After the events of January 6, I could not review that particular movie at this time with a good conscience. I work very hard not to be political in my author persona. … Continue reading Musing: Getting Political

Book Review-Karen Robards: One Summer

Shortly after I joined my local RWA chapter, the longer-term members waxed poetic about a book called One Summer by Karen Robards. I was unfamiliar with the author. I borrowed the book from the library. A few days later, I purchased my own copy. This is the story of a high school English teacher  who gets … Continue reading Book Review-Karen Robards: One Summer

MJ Monday-Movies: We’re the Millers

My husband and I watched We're the Millers one night, and I couldn't stop laughing. I bought my own copy of the flick and took it with me on my next writing retreat. My crit partners couldn't stop laughing. At least one of them borrowed the DVD from me so she could show it to her … Continue reading MJ Monday-Movies: We’re the Millers

MJ Monday: MJ’s Movies-What’s Cooking?

I've seen this movie only twice, but that doesn't stop it from being my favorite Thanksgiving movie of all time. It is the story of four ethnically different families preparing for  then participating in Thanksgiving dinner.  As one reviewer said, "There's stress, there's food, and there's stressing over food." The ensemble cast is wonderful. My … Continue reading MJ Monday: MJ’s Movies-What’s Cooking?