MJ’s Manuscript: The Next Project

Many years ago, my husband was on the board of a local 1920s movie palace that had been saved from the wrecking ball in the 1970s. He purchased a book about old theaters that had been resuscitated. The book, filled with photos, obsessed me. I had the glimmer of an idea for a story. Fast … Continue reading MJ’s Manuscript: The Next Project

Capitol Theatre Restoration

My husband and I are "friends" of a 1928 movie house in a nearby city. TV Stevie has attended their annual film festival since its inception. I started attending with him several years ago. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 festival was postponed for a year. A year off, right? Nope. Using a $2.5 million … Continue reading Capitol Theatre Restoration

Book Review-Karen Robards: Vanished

Every parent's worst nightmare. You and your child are in a public place and then . . . your child is gone. Vanished.  This book deals with the delicate, agonizing topic of a child gone missing. It also deals with the ultimate betrayal by trusted people. Robards handles the terrifying scenario with her usual attention to … Continue reading Book Review-Karen Robards: Vanished

MJ Monday-Movies: Bottle Shock

I hadn't heard of this movie until the wonderful Alan Rickman died. Not only was Rickman in the movie, but also Bill Pullman (While You Were Sleeping) and Chris Pine (Star Trek reboot). Worth checking out for the cast alone. The topic was another go-to for me: (from the IMDB):  the story of the early days … Continue reading MJ Monday-Movies: Bottle Shock

Book Review: Karen Robards-Superstition

This year I am going to review my six favorite Karen Robards books. My sister gifted me with my first one many years ago. When I first joined my local RWA chapter, I learned about another one (which I will review later) that had my colleagues gaga. Since then, I've read most of Robards' single … Continue reading Book Review: Karen Robards-Superstition