Mommy Files: Birthday Cake Fiasco

My husband and I grew up in different cultures. He's from a high-rise in the Bronx. My roots are in rural upstate New York. His mother bought his birthday cakes at the corner bakery. My mom baked mine from scratch. When our children were young, I decided it would be fun for the three of … Continue reading Mommy Files: Birthday Cake Fiasco

Music: Besieged by the Moon Playlist

In keeping with my habit of creating a playlist for my works-in-progress, here is what I listened to to keep me in the story of Besieged by the Moon. No Roots (Alice Merton) Night Moves (Bob Seger) Iris (The Goo-Goo Dolls) Promise Land (Hannah Miller) Broken Arrow (Robbie Roberstson) Doctor My Eyes (Jackson Browne) Don’t Lie … Continue reading Music: Besieged by the Moon Playlist

Manuscript: Besieged by the Moon Cover Reveal & More!

Counting down to the release of the third book in the Service for Sanctuary series, BESIEGED BY THE MOON.  Fated Mates. Although werewolf EMT Parker Rowe is anxious to return home to begin his paramedic training, he stops to rescue a she-wolf from a mob. Turns out she isn’t just any she-wolf. Phoebe McKinn was eight … Continue reading Manuscript: Besieged by the Moon Cover Reveal & More!

Thursday Thought: Multi-Tasking

While there is no such thing as multi-tasking (numerous studies indicate the brain can do only one thing at a time) a person can walk and chew gum at the same time. Those actions, as well as other "muscle memory" functions like typing  are the products of habit learning and are controlled by a different … Continue reading Thursday Thought: Multi-Tasking

MJ Monday-Music: Needing Silence

Sometimes, a person needs silence. That need, in today's society, is treated as an aberration. I love music. I have eclectic taste. But sometimes the music has to stop. My day job is working in an office. A cube farm. Phones ring and telephone conversations are constant. The climate control system roars most of the … Continue reading MJ Monday-Music: Needing Silence