Music: Sun Songs

One of my foibles is creating music playlists by theme. Yes, I love finding songs for the books I'm writing, but I also enjoy coming up with an idea and finding as many songs as I can to create a CD (yes, I still play CDs in my car and office). I keep running lists … Continue reading Music: Sun Songs

Thursday Thought: Fleabag (Includes Spoiler)

My husband and I sat down one night to binge watch season two of Fleabag, an award-winning show on Amazon. We hadn't seen season one. Hubs had been told season one wasn't necessary to understand season two. I wish I'd seen season one, if only for contest. The first episode of season two dropped the … Continue reading Thursday Thought: Fleabag (Includes Spoiler)

Thursday Thoughts: Manly Obsessions

My dad had a thing for flashlights. And he was always misplacing them. Once, when he climbed into the attic, he found a flashlight he'd left there the previous year. I recall at least one birthday when he received flashlights from everyone. I think they were all misplaced within six months. My husband is the … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts: Manly Obsessions

MJ Monday-Music: SIRIUS

I recently purchased a new vehicle. A really new vehicle, that come with three months free Sirius radio. How cool is that? Except I rarely listen to music in the car. My commute is short (less than 2 miles one way). And between the dreadful radio my husband has to listen to in the morning--he … Continue reading MJ Monday-Music: SIRIUS

MJ Monday-Music: Echo in the Canyon

Lately it seems as if my musical "patterns" have been in sync. We watched Ken Burns' Country Music and loved it. I instinctively knew my folk rock preference had deep roots in "country" music and folk music.  We then watched Scorsese's Rolling Thunder Revue. I had seen the original tour when in came to Rochester, NY back … Continue reading MJ Monday-Music: Echo in the Canyon