The Mommy Files: Names

When X-Chromo was very first learning to talk, we discovered something interesting. We played the standard game with her: point at something and ask her, "What's that?" or at a person and ask, "Who's that?" The latter was quite common at the dinner table every night. I would point at my husband. "Who's that?" "Dada." … Continue reading The Mommy Files: Names

MJ Monday-Manuscript: Finding Nuggets

As I type this, I'm "between" projects. I've turned in the last book I have contracted with my publisher and have gone through a couple of rounds of revisions. All good. My editor makes my book better. I've been noodling around with an idea I first had back in 2010. I have the notes to … Continue reading MJ Monday-Manuscript: Finding Nuggets

Thursday Thought: A Weird Moment

A couple of years ago, my husband and I (and maybe a chromo or two) were heading downstate.  We stopped for lunch at a major fast-food franchise. Nothing unusual. We were sitting in a booth by a window, keeping an eye on our vehicle. What I saw next astounded me. A big truck pulled into … Continue reading Thursday Thought: A Weird Moment

Thursday Thoughts: On Being Essential

My day job is working for a beverage distributor. According to the Department of Homeland Security and the governor of my state, I am essential. My employer takes this seriously. Not because they can make money, but because we are a business-to-business industry; we help other business stay in business. (My internal editor is cringing … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts: On Being Essential

MJ Monday-Manuscript: Excerpt

From my current work in progress, BESIEGED BY THE MOON, currently scheduled for July publication. Phoebe wished she knew of a way to make Parker angry enough to stalk off and brood. To leave her alone. She didn’t want him around while she meditated. His presence was too disturbing, too disruptive to her calm. She … Continue reading MJ Monday-Manuscript: Excerpt