Analyzing a Book Series

The final installment of one of my favorite series of books is coming out next week. I'm looking forward to the story so much that I am re-reading the entire series to get myself immersed in the characters again. I've preordered the Kindle version, not something I usually do. The heroine is a real-estate agent … Continue reading Analyzing a Book Series

Memory: The Start of a Family Tradtion

In late January of 1966, Central New York was hit with an epic blizzard that shut the area down for days. Here's a link to some photos taken at the time. I grew up in a rural area. My aunt, uncle and four cousins lived next door on one side, my grandmother and step-grandfather lived … Continue reading Memory: The Start of a Family Tradtion

Thursday Thought: Book Cover Heroes

One thing I've noticed when reading (older) series/category romance is the cover models frequently resemble actors. Now, this may be true of new issues, but I don't know newer actors. Here are a few examples (from the late 1990s/early 2000s: Probably the least well-known, this guy looks like John Shea. I know John Shea from … Continue reading Thursday Thought: Book Cover Heroes

MJ Monday-Manuscript Excerpt

Besieged by the Moon (tentative release date July 8, 2020) The cool night air felt light, as opposed to the heavy, humidity-laden summer nights of Phoebe’s home. Nothing weighed her down, not even the awkwardness of her mating with Parker. “Are you okay to walk?” Parker asked, as if she hadn’t already walked to the … Continue reading MJ Monday-Manuscript Excerpt

MJ’s Manuscript: Excerpt: BESIEGED BY THE MOON

“Just so you know, I’m allergic to strawberries.” She must have been reading his mind, because he’d been frantically trying to think of a way to make the traditional mating offering of berries. “I’ve never heard of a werewolf with food allergies.” He was an EMT. The only thing lycans were allergic to was alcohol, … Continue reading MJ’s Manuscript: Excerpt: BESIEGED BY THE MOON