It's the time of year when I finalize my reassessment of my life goals. I'm making major changes come January 1. I revealed one in last week's post: no more RWA local chapter. That one saddens me, but I'm also looking forward to being a part of revitalizing a once vibrant community. The major change … Continue reading Changes

Movie: The Flower of My Secret

My husband said, "It's about a romance author." So we watched it. This 1995 Spanish film is about the falling-apart life of a famous, best-selling romance author. The opening is freely based on a short story by Dorothy Parker. Miles Davis composed the soundtrack. The main character, Leo, wants to expand her repertoire. Her publisher … Continue reading Movie: The Flower of My Secret

Thursday Thought: Typewriters

The other day I recaptured a memory from when I was very, very young. My aunts and uncles and cousins always got together with extended family, so I knew my cousins' aunts from the other side of their family.  This memory comes before I went to school, so I couldn't have been much older than … Continue reading Thursday Thought: Typewriters

MJ Monday-Manuscript: Character Backstory

A member of my local RWA chapter has started virtual write-ins several nights a week and on weekends. For some reason, this has jump started work on the manuscript. I wrote a flash-back scene a couple of months ago. I love the scene. I think I did a great job on it. However, one of … Continue reading MJ Monday-Manuscript: Character Backstory

MJ Monday-Manuscript: Excerpt

Here's an excerpt from the very rough draft of BESIEGED BY THE MOON, tentatively scheduled for July 2020 publication: “So you’re doctor? My mother will be thrilled,” Phoebe lied. Parker chuckled, the vibrations rumbling against her back. I’m an EMT, working toward being a paramedic. Big difference.” “They have schools that teach lycan medicine? Doctors … Continue reading MJ Monday-Manuscript: Excerpt