Music: Monday Songs

I love to make music mixes with themes. Right now, I'm putting together a list of songs about Monday. Some titles are easy (for a woman of my generation): Manic Monday (The Bangles) Monday, Monday (The Mamas & the Papas) Rainy Days & Mondays (The Carpenters) Monday Morning (Fleetwood Mac) Come Monday (Jimmy Buffet) Others … Continue reading Music: Monday Songs

A Book Review: The Sun Down Motel

  I did a search looking for haunted house books because I was in the mood for some ghosties. The Sun Down Motel popped up right away. I was intrigued because I also have a thing for old motels, abandoned motor courts, and the like.  Also, the book is set in upstate New York,  the area … Continue reading A Book Review: The Sun Down Motel

Office Update: Oct 2020

My office redo is coming along--not as nicely as I would have liked, mostly due to the fact an airline is holding my money hostage--I had to cancel a trip due to the pandemic and Delta Airlines won't give me back my money. Thieves. But I digress. This book case is now behind the door. … Continue reading Office Update: Oct 2020

MJ Monday-Motivation: My Garden

I like the idea of gardening more than I like the task. Two years ago, my transformed back yard was a haven. Last year, I waited too long, and the person who was actually doing all the work vanished on me. It was still a nice place to be, but not as beautiful as it … Continue reading MJ Monday-Motivation: My Garden

MJ’s Musings: Tour of My Office

A friend asked me to do a tour of my office. She thought I'd have a lot of colorful, Boho-type décor. Sorry. The walls are dingy gray and in need of a paint job. And we're also in the process of  rearranging some things upstairs, so I'm hoping to make some changes. In the meantime, … Continue reading MJ’s Musings: Tour of My Office