Summer Is Supposed to Be Hot

I am so tired of freezing in June, July, and August. I grew up in the country. We didn't have air conditioning. Fans sufficed.  We wore shorts and tank tops. We tried to absorb the heat like solar batteries to get us through the long upstate New York winters. My husband grew up in a … Continue reading Summer Is Supposed to Be Hot

2021: The Year To Come

2020 has been a challenging year. I don't need to enumerate or recap the Dumpster fire. The malaise isn't going to magically vanish when we flip the calendar page to 2021. As is my habit, I've been thinking long and hard about my goals for the coming year. The strategy for my life. The changes … Continue reading 2021: The Year To Come

MJ Monday-Motivation: Lightning Bugs

Once again, my schedule--writing and day job--prevented me from getting to my patio/garden/back yard in a timely manner. It doesn't help that the person who had all these grandiose plans for the space disappeared on me last year. The first year of my garden was the best. It looked amazing. I had fresh herbs. I … Continue reading MJ Monday-Motivation: Lightning Bugs

MJ’s Musing: A Halloween Memory

Halloween can be cold in my neighborhood. Some years there's snow on the ground. The weather can play havoc with costume plans. One year--I must have been six or seven--my mom made me wear a winter coat over my costume. How humiliating! The matter got worse when the nasty old lady three or four doors … Continue reading MJ’s Musing: A Halloween Memory

MJ’s Musings: An Observation on “Healthy” Food

Many of my friends and most of my extended family have dietary restrictions. One person recently made a "cookie" she shared. I would never hurt her feelings, and I understand completely why this cookie met her food requirements, but I did not want another one. When I'm grocery shopping, there are frequently people pushing free … Continue reading MJ’s Musings: An Observation on “Healthy” Food