Analyzing a Book Series

Image credit: tieury / 123RF Stock Photo

The final installment of one of my favorite series of books is coming out next week. I’m looking forward to the story so much that I am re-reading the entire series to get myself immersed in the characters again. I’ve preordered the Kindle version, not something I usually do.

The heroine is a real-estate agent who sees ghosts. The hero is an author. I can’t believe I forgot to add these titles to my earlier blog regarding books about authors, but I did.

I’ve started making notes on these books as I re-read them. In book 1, the author places the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, NY instead of Rochester, MN. In book 2, the hero removes a locket from the heroine’s neck and pockets it,  yet a few pages later, a ghost rips it from the heroine’s neck.  Neat trick.

So much for editors at the traditional Big 5 Publishers.

But there’s more to my study of these books than finding inaccuracies.

When I read the sixth installment–the last one before the release next week–I was livid. I could not believe the hero was such a jerk at the end of the book. He was angry at the heroine for keeping secrets–when he was just as guilty.

Until I re-read Book One recently. His ex-fiancé kept a devastating secret from him. At the end of Book Two and in Book Three, we learn his college girlfriend kept a life-changing secret from him.  I never put all of this together into a motivation for him until re-reading the books this time around.  Powerful motivation, yes, but the heroine’s trust issues are rooted  in a backstory just as powerful. And at the end of Book Six, the hero betrayed her.

So yes, I am seeking a happy ending in Book Seven.