Memory: Trick or Treat for UNICEF

When I was living in my first apartment, going to the laundromat was a new experience. There was always a very young girl there, seven or eight years old at the most, who begged for quarters for the machines. (Yes, back then, the washers and dryers took quarters. ) She had short, mousy brown hair, … Continue reading Memory: Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Movie: The Flower of My Secret

My husband said, "It's about a romance author." So we watched it. This 1995 Spanish film is about the falling-apart life of a famous, best-selling romance author. The opening is freely based on a short story by Dorothy Parker. Miles Davis composed the soundtrack. The main character, Leo, wants to expand her repertoire. Her publisher … Continue reading Movie: The Flower of My Secret

Musing: Hairbands

I started to let my hair grow before the pandemic hit.  It has gotten quite long. I keep spending money on things to keep it out of my face.  Pony tail holders, barrettes, etc.  The one thing I really want is a hairband that works as well as my glasses. Not one hairband stays in … Continue reading Musing: Hairbands

Looking Out My Window

I love to sit on my living room sofa and look out the window. I live a block or two from a city park that is atop a hill. I can see only a sliver of the park through the trees and neighboring houses. The road wending through the park is no longer open to … Continue reading Looking Out My Window

Memory: Milk

As a child and teenager, I loved milk. Whole milk. When I was very young, a milkman delivered to our house, twice a week. We got the pasteurized milk in glass bottles with green tops, while my aunt & uncle next door got homogenized milk with red tops. That meant at our house there was … Continue reading Memory: Milk