A Tale of Two Earrings

I lost one of a favorite pair of earrings last summer. I searched everywhere for it. Every placed I'd been that day at Day Job. My car. Every place I'd stepped or sat at home.  I tossed the widowed earring into a container on my bureau. Periodically I would see it and think I should … Continue reading A Tale of Two Earrings

First World “Problem”

Maybe this isn't a problem, but rather an annoyance. And in the grand scheme of the COVID-era, it's downright ridiculous. At my day job, I wear a headset to talk on the phone. I wear eyeglasses, too, but I've never developed the habit of wearing them all the time. On and off, depending on what … Continue reading First World “Problem”

MJ Monday-Music: Boomer!

If you've followed my blog at all, you know that I have been slowly converting my home office into a sanctuary/retreat. I still have a long way to go, but one of things on the never ending list was music. Yes, I can play music through my laptop, but the sound stinks and computers are … Continue reading MJ Monday-Music: Boomer!

Thursday Thought-The Ultimate Custodian

People rarely think about facility managers, or as we used to call them, custodians. I had the privilège to meet and work with a man who set the standard for the best of the best when it came to caring for the building that housed the TV station for which I worked. Tom was a … Continue reading Thursday Thought-The Ultimate Custodian

Office Update: Oct 2020

My office redo is coming along--not as nicely as I would have liked, mostly due to the fact an airline is holding my money hostage--I had to cancel a trip due to the pandemic and Delta Airlines won't give me back my money. Thieves. But I digress. This book case is now behind the door. … Continue reading Office Update: Oct 2020