Mommy Moment: The Bread

When Y-Chromo came home for the summer after his first year at college, there were many adjustments that needed to be made. We had to learn that he'd been on his own for 9-10 months and needed more leeway than he'd been given in high school. He needed to adjust to being in a family … Continue reading Mommy Moment: The Bread

Book Review-Karen Robards: Obsession

Imagine waking up, going to brush your teeth, and not recognizing the face in the mirror. Your hair is auburn, not the blond now adorning your head. What happened to the gap between your teeth? There's an expensive ring on your finger you "know" you bought with an inheritance, but it's not your taste. And … Continue reading Book Review-Karen Robards: Obsession

Book Review-Linda Howard: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous is the second book in a two-part series Linda Howard wrote in first person.  The heroine. Blair Mallory, is a ditzy but savvy former cheerleader who now owns her own health club. (See my July 9, 2020 blog for info on the first book.)  Drop Dead Gorgeous picks up where To Die For ends. Someone … Continue reading Book Review-Linda Howard: Drop Dead Gorgeous

MJ Monday-Movies: Knives Out

I actually went to a theater and saw Knives Out with my husband when it was first released. I loved it. Great cast. I really hated Daniel Craig's southern accent, but that was part of the absurdity that made the movie so enjoyable. The cast was wonderful (despite the aforementioned dreadful accent used by Craig). … Continue reading MJ Monday-Movies: Knives Out

MJ Monday-Movies: Waking Ned Devine

I saw Waking Ned Devine for the first time not too long ago.  I had a difficult time getting into the movie, because my ears were slow to catch the cadence and nuances of the thick Irish accents. This is not an unusual problem for me. Once my brain clicked into the dialogue, I enjoyed … Continue reading MJ Monday-Movies: Waking Ned Devine