A Thanksgiving Memory

My mother had a classic set of nesting Pyrex bowls. Only the blue and yellow ones survived. She used the blue one for mixing up the gravy thickening. Nowadays, it usually contains Jell-O.  The yellow one had many purposes. Most often it was for popcorn. But Thanksgiving day it had an even more delicious duty. … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Memory

Menu: Dreaming of Food

I don't know if it's all the take-out I've eaten over the past year or my vow to spend money more wisely, but I am obsessed with take-out from two separate local restaurants. The problem is the cost for Grub Hub is prohibitive. Neither restaurant is convenient for pick up. One of the (many) local … Continue reading Menu: Dreaming of Food

Mommy Files: Food by the Color

When Y-Chromo was a baby, I would serve him only apple juice or Juicy Juice. There were two flavors of JJ that he loved, both colored red. At the time, it was easier to ask him if he wanted apple juice or "red" juice than to remember if we had raspberry or cherry juice open. … Continue reading Mommy Files: Food by the Color

Thursday Thoughts: Spammed By My Phone Apps

Phone apps are a nice idea. When they work without bothering me, I love them. But there are a couple I had to remove from my phone. If you are a phone app, rule number one is DO NOT SPAM MY EMAIL OR MY MESSAGE BOX. There was one app that sent me between five … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts: Spammed By My Phone Apps

MJ Monday: Manuscript

As I type this blog, New York State is still "paused," although that is scheduled to begin easing in some parts of the state at any moment. I shared my day job situation in an earlier blog post.  One of the things I deal with every day at the day job is despair. Some of … Continue reading MJ Monday: Manuscript