It's the time of year when I finalize my reassessment of my life goals. I'm making major changes come January 1. I revealed one in last week's post: no more RWA local chapter. That one saddens me, but I'm also looking forward to being a part of revitalizing a once vibrant community. The major change … Continue reading Changes

Musing: Hairbands

I started to let my hair grow before the pandemic hit.  It has gotten quite long. I keep spending money on things to keep it out of my face.  Pony tail holders, barrettes, etc.  The one thing I really want is a hairband that works as well as my glasses. Not one hairband stays in … Continue reading Musing: Hairbands

My Favorite Tropes

Writers, especially authors of genre fiction, love to discuss tropes. Tropes are those "commonly recurring literary and rhetorical devices, motifs or clichés in creative works." One of my author friends is completely hooked on trapped in a cabin during a blizzard with a stranger. Here are some of my favorites: rain/thunderstorms first kisses in the … Continue reading My Favorite Tropes

Looking Out My Window

I love to sit on my living room sofa and look out the window. I live a block or two from a city park that is atop a hill. I can see only a sliver of the park through the trees and neighboring houses. The road wending through the park is no longer open to … Continue reading Looking Out My Window