A Thanksgiving Memory

My mother had a classic set of nesting Pyrex bowls. Only the blue and yellow ones survived. She used the blue one for mixing up the gravy thickening. Nowadays, it usually contains Jell-O.  The yellow one had many purposes. Most often it was for popcorn. But Thanksgiving day it had an even more delicious duty. … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Memory

Mommy Files: Birthday Cake Fiasco

My husband and I grew up in different cultures. He's from a high-rise in the Bronx. My roots are in rural upstate New York. His mother bought his birthday cakes at the corner bakery. My mom baked mine from scratch. When our children were young, I decided it would be fun for the three of … Continue reading Mommy Files: Birthday Cake Fiasco

The Penny Candy Store

I grew up in a rural community. Mostly there were apple orchards and dairy farms. We lived about a mile from a hamlet which was really nothing more than a cemetery, a church, a Grange Hall, and a cluster of houses. And LaFlam's.  We rode our bikes to LaFlam's every chance we could. Mr. LaFlam … Continue reading The Penny Candy Store

The Mommy Files: Yum Yums

Friday nights at our house have always been pizza night. After a long work week, it is nice not to have to think about what I'm going to cook for supper.  When the Chromos were young, I did cook. Every night. Except Friday. We go through phases with our pizza toppings. TV likes green peppers … Continue reading The Mommy Files: Yum Yums

Memory: Milk

As a child and teenager, I loved milk. Whole milk. When I was very young, a milkman delivered to our house, twice a week. We got the pasteurized milk in glass bottles with green tops, while my aunt & uncle next door got homogenized milk with red tops. That meant at our house there was … Continue reading Memory: Milk